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I am Diane B. Morris, Registered Licensed Dietitian, Image Consultant, Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, Author & Speaker.

Let’s reclaim & recharge your essence and confidence by treating your body right!

As an entrepreneur or a small business owner, I’ve felt the many hats you wear to gain balance & success between your business and your personal lifestyle…. 

Could this be you ?

You are so focused on taking care of everyone around you that you’re feeling guilty about making yourself a priority and might forget about your own self-care.

You work for hours to grow your business but never feel like you've done "enough" to see the financial results you desire.

You look in the mirror and realize you’re not the woman you were meant to be.

You’ve been overeating or binge eating to satisfy your cravings in hopes to relieve your stress, anxiety, boredom, your relationship roller coaster, and other negative emotions.

You stand in front of your pantry or fridge for several minutes trying to figure out what to eat even though you’re not even hungry.

You feel so uncomfortable, your clothes are tight, and you spend too much time deciding what to wear while you are on camera or off.

You haven’t lost the weight from the previous holiday season and unable to get to the gym.

Unfortunately overeating, low self-confidence, and overwhelm due to negative emotions such as stress & anxiety will take a huge toll on your emotional and physical health!!.

You are not alone.. it is not all your fault!!

Your Body Confidence Matters To Live Your Best Self

If you’re exhausted by the negative talk in your head either about your mindset, health, your wardrobe confidence, and how others perceive you... there’s an answer.

 It is time to invest in yourself, in your future, and your business to get the help you need to reclaim and recharge your body confidence.

 I will work with you to reclaim, recharge and balance your inner self with your outer best self through my Triple A Blueprint-TM.  Your rejuvenated mindset, better health and dressing your essence will translate into a higher level of confidence and self-love that is already in you, so you have more peace, balance and close more sales.

Diane Morris


My services are in full accordance with 

Georgia’s regulations for Personal Services during Phase 2. 

The health and wellness of my clients and community are my top priority,and my services have been adjusted to meet safety requirements.