Do you..
  • open your closet doors and mutter, "I've got nothing to wear!" every single morning?
  •  stare at the clothes rack unable to figure out what to even try on, let alone buy?
  • feel totally overwhelmed before you even go into the clothing store? 

If you've got a handful of clothes you wear over and over again, but you know they don't reflect your ability, your passion, or your confidence, you need a personal style makeover. 

Creating an authentic image statement is vitally important in today's business world. How you show up makes a difference to your bottom line! Personal styling is available for every age, body shape, budget or life transition. 

Eliminate the frustration of clothes shopping. Let me show you how to shop like a star. 


Studies show you have 3 seconds to make that great, memorable, non-verbal first impression when you walk into a room. Before you even open your mouth to speak, your audience as already decided something about you. That impression is based on how you dress, how you walk and your body language when they first see you. Your personal brand should reflect the confidence and passion you have.


So whether you’re on stage, on camera, or just walking into a room, isn’t it time you made a statement? 

What impression are you creating?


When you’re ready to create your authentic image statement, Diane B Morris and DLM Creations is there. We’re a fashion and image consulting company, located here in Atlanta, Georgia, and we work both in person locally and virtually around the world.

We will give you the step-by-step tools and resources proven to turn your questions about style into statements about your authentic image. From head-to-toe, we can transform your style and create your distinctive, confident look with ease. Men and women globally have benefited from working with us. 

Explore the possibilities. A great impression lasts a lifetime. What does your first impression say?

Build Your Confidence through wardrobe c

Are you at a crossroads in your life right now… either intentionally or due to outside circumstances?  Wondering how to put a wardrobe together because you’re transitioning out of the military or you are looking to improve your stage appearance?

Inside this book you will discover the steps to uncover and design a brand new you.  This “TOTAL PACKAGE” system will help you

  • Improve your self-confidence

  • Live a healthier lifestyle

  • Choose  your best wardrobe based on  your personality, body shape and skin tone


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Founder & Certified Business Coach at Everest Business Coaching

"I have been working with Diane Morris for 2 months in her BrandtasticYou program and have been very impressed with the changes I’ve seen in myself. I have a heightened awareness of myself and those around me and it has improved my ability to relate with others. My productivity has improved and I landed two new clients since we started working together. The color analysis she does is excellent and it has changed the way I think about my appearance, and how others perceive me. I know now that the colors I choose to wear affects how others see me, how they judge me and at some level, whether they do business with me. I am grateful for Diane’s guidance and support of my career."