Body Measurements Can Be Tricky

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

What are your Body Measurements

It is important to take your body measurements to decide which body type you are.

These are the most common descriptions for your body type:

• Inverted Triangle

• Apple

• Pear shape

• Rectangle

• Hourglass

Body measurements can be tricky especially when you have the wrong measurement tool, you don’t write the numbers down or you try to take the measurements by yourself.

A flexible tape measure from the craft store is a great place to purchase a tape. Have a pen and paper handy to write your numbers down. These measurements are so useful in many ways, so store them in a safe place.

Here are the measurement instructions to help you decipher your body type.

There are four measurements to discover your body type.

You can do your measurements yourself yet it is best to have someone hold the tape for you so it does not slip. Tape should be taut and not twisted. Take your measurements in the following order.

1. Shoulders:

Measure from shoulder end to shoulder end with the tape being flat across the back and the tape should hit in the middle of each shoulder. I put the tape across my back then bring it around the front of the shoulders.

2. Chest:

The tape should be flat across the back and come around under your arms. Make sure the tape hits right across the widest part of your chest. Measure underneath the bust line. Bust: Pull the measuring tape taut across the fullest part of your bust and around your back. Don’t pull the tape so taut that your breasts start to squish!

3. Waist:

This measurement needs to be taken at the natural waist. To determine your natural waist- bend from side to side and where your bend is that is your natural waist. Wrap the measuring tape around your natural waist and measure. Write down this measurement.

4. Hips:

This measurement is taken at the widest part of the hips. It should be about 2 inches above the crotch and make sure the tape is around your buttocks. You want the tape even around your hips.

If your numbers don’t quite describe your body type, don’t worry, you may have a combination of 2 body types.

What are the most common body types?

Inverted triangle:

Shoulder measurements are wider than your hip measurements.


Hips look straight ahead and you have little or no waist definition. Athletic type.


Hips and shoulders are the same width. Waistline is smaller. Think 8-10” smaller than your shoulder and hip measurements. You can have a small or full figure hourglass shape.


Shoulders and hip line are about same size. Waistline is approximately the same size or wider than shoulders and hips. You carry your weight in front of you.

Pear Shape:

Shoulders, waist & hipline are same size. Weight is gained evenly around your torso. Hips are wider than shoulders & waistline.

A very common question that comes up is: How do I know my best hemline?

Hemlines should always hit at a flattering place on your leg, like the top of your kneecap for a street dress.

The thin part of your calf is the best garment length for a midi garment or a maxi length is at the ankle.

Avoid a hemline that hits at a wider place on your calf muscle is not the most flattering.

Bonus style tip:

In general, midis are best worn with a high heel or nude shoe to visually elongate the leg. If you have large calves or ankles, wear your midis with boots or tights.

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