How to Pack for a Summer Trip

Summer is here and it is time to travel, relax and have some fun with family, friends or time to enjoy your alone time. If you are planning to travel this summer, this post is going to be the best 3 minutes you've spent all spring!

For most of us, we advance plan for hotel, flight, AAA driving strategies, points of interest, pet sitters, mail holds, etc. yet we forget the decision of what to pack in our suitcase until the last-minute!

Is this you?

You open your closet and/or drawers and …

• You’re stress out figuring out what to pack

• You can’t figure how many outfits you should take “just in case”…

• You pack clothing items that don’t coordinate

• You overstuff your bag

• You forget to pack your essentials (underwear, toiletries, pjs, shoes, etc.)

• You pack the wrong items for your activities, weather/temperature

• You forgot to pack comfortable shoes to align with your tourist attractions

And on top of that, if any of the above frustrations occur, you’re subject to:

• Paying expensive luggage fees

• Unexpected shopping at high end boutiques, hotel gift shops, drug stores, etc.

• Risk of the airlines losing your luggage

• Don’t have room in the car to fit your passengers’ luggage

This is what happened to me when I flew to attend my friend’s wedding for the weekend. The airline lost my luggage, and I did not receive my luggage back until the day I was leaving to go back home.

That was the final straw, I decided I would only pack a carry-on suitcase and pack smarter, earlier.

I learned to create 6 outfits from 3 packed pieces plus one pair of shoes, along with and my toiletries and electronics.

7 Tips To Create 6 Outfits from 3 pieces of clothing so everything fits into a carry-on bag.

1. Check out the weather reports prior to your destination date. There are several apps that can assist in figuring out the weather forecasts.

2. What are your activities? Are they inside, outside, or both? And are there any tourist attractions you want to visit? Are you planning on seeing a show or attending a concert? What are your accommodations?

3. Based on the above 2 results, choose your color theme. This color is chosen for your slacks. If it is a weekend trip, pack one pair and if you need another one, choose one to wear while you travel. Total of 2 slacks.

4. Now it is time to choose your tops. Choose 3 tops, one top is to choose a printed one that will match with either slacks. The other 2 tops can be a White T shirt and or another solid shirt. Choose a short sleeve or long sleeve depending on the temperature.

5. The last choice is your outerwear piece. Jacket, sweater, blazer, wrap, vest, etc. Wear this piece while you travel to save space in your luggage.

6. Roll all your items to save space including your underwear. You can place them in a plastic bag and stuff inside your shoes.

7. Switch to carrying a large over-sized bag and pack your electronics and travel size make up, cleansers, cosmetics. Pack your handbag inside your luggage or place inside your over-sized bag.

If you would like to have a packing list checklist so you avoid any last minute “forgot to pack items” click here: Download Packing List

Enjoy your vacation.

Where are you going on vacation this year? Do you have any luggage packing hacks?

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