Is Your Closet Full of Some Days?

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Closet full of closet
Is Your Closet Full of Some Days? | Diane B. Morris

Someday I’ll be eager, excited and confident when I open my closet.

Someday I’ll wear that outfit I wore at my last reunion 2 years ago.

Someday I’ll grab those clothes with tags on and ask, “why did I ever buy this?”

Someday I’ll have the money to purchase updated outfits.

Someday I’ll clean out my closet.

Here are 5 tips to help move you from “someday” to “I am so glad I got it done” day.”

1. The perfect place to start is spending time whether you are actively pursuing a new look this season, or just considering the purchase of few key pieces. You may be surprised just how much of your current wardrobe can be transitioned to the next season.

2. Schedule a 60-minute appointment with your wardrobe. By disassembling your closet and then re-formulating its contents, you might find that you already own everything you need to step out in style this season (or at least trim down your shopping list) or recycle outfits to stay on top of a new season’s wardrobe needs.

3. Pull out your bottoms such as basic slacks, jeans, skirts, and dresses. Categorize the colors that are based on your unique skin type and body type such as black, grey, navy, taupe, cream, and camel slacks; skirts; dresses. Look at what’s left and pack up any items that are for seasonal use only. Do the same for your items such as tops, jackets, coats, sweaters.

4. Pull out and separate the light weight and heavy weight items that correlate to the season you are in now. Pack away the items that don’t work for the spring/summer or fall/winter temperatures.

Clothes on hangers
Is your Closet Full of Some Days? | Diane B. Morris

5. Look at your pile of lightweight items and heavyweight items. You can now begin building new, layered outfits for the season. I love color coding my clothes for each category. For instance, all my slacks are color coded and the same for my tops, sweaters, jackets.

6. You now have more space in your closet to be more excited, eager and confident to open your closet door!

If you are still confused and frustrated with the clothes you have in your closet, contact me for a free 30 discovery session to talk about how you can become more confident, comfortable and excited in 5 minutes of less when you choose your outfit for the day.

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