The Top Color and Trends for Spring 2019

Updated: May 4, 2019

Have you pulled your last year’s spring/summer clothes to review, recycle, or refresh to see what will work for this year’s Spring season?


Spring 2019 has officially arrived!

Temperatures are definitely warming up and flowers are beginning to burst with gorgeous colors. So this is the right time to dig in to see what looks and feels comfortable and great on you.

3 general action statements to run through your mind:

1. Pitch the pieces that don’t fit me or have stains on them 2. Pitch the pieces I haven’t worn in the past 2 years 3. Pitch the outdated pieces for a brand new me

Today I am sharing my pick for the top 4 spring colors and 5 trends you can easily refresh your wardrobe without stress, overwhelm, frustration or over extending your budget...

You will fall in love with these beautiful colors that work for a sporty, business casual to an elegant look. Put your mind at ease: here we go.

Think joy to uplift your mood when shopping this season!

Perhaps you don’t believe in wearing trendy clothes, I understand. Yet when you choose one item or a spring color for these seasonal picks, consider yourself on trend!!!

Colors to choose from:

#1. Yellow. Pantone's color choice for 2019 might be living coral, yet yellow is running a close second. Pick up a top, cardigan, blouse, scarf. The color of lemons is a great color or even a mustard yellow can set you apart from the rest. You will feel amazing and you mood will automatically be uplifted.

#2. Sage You can't talk about trending colors in 2019 without seeing green everywhere. Neon green light to dark olive to lime are hitting the clothing racks like wild fire. The most popular shade is a more muted sage and the mossy and minty hues are also hitting the streets, which you can buy in everything from handbags to cardigans to jewelry.

#3. Pink

Pink isn't going anywhere in 2019. Choose pink hues(colors) from Pepto Bismol, bubble gum pink to a lighter sugary pink. Choose from oversized outwear to ruffled skirts to turtlenecks to tie dye look from the 90’s. This sleek and most surprising color will be flirting the runway for fall, 2019.

#4. Coral

Living Coral is Pantone’s top spring color. It is a warm salmon full of life pink color. Look for this color in casual outfits, scarves, pant suits to evening dresses.

Spring trends to watch for:

#1. Polka Dots

Florals might be your go-to spring print, but polka dots will be a close second this year. The print was spotted everywhere. Polka dots are super easy to style, and polka dot always look good whether it is a professional or casual look. You can choose a polka dot pop of color, or a matching black and white accessory.

#2. Scarf prints

In addition, to this fashion’s scarf trend from a small neck size, to a large square print, to an infinity scarf, it is wearing your favorite wraps tied to your handbag. Perfect for adding some excitement to any handbag on to handles and straps. To try the look yourself, all you need to do is knot the scarf and you are on trend.

#3. Straw handbags

The best straw bags come in all different shapes and sizes. From the big hold everything totes to tiny cylinders, there’s a style that fits your needs.

#4. Animal prints

Animal prints from leopard to tiger print to snakeskin print fill the clothing, shoes, handbags, scarves, and jewelry counters this spring season. This trend has consistently made one of the top ten trend lists for the past 5 years.

#5. Puffed sleeves.

This style brings you back from the 80’s. This trend is so popular on blouses, tops and dresses. Go from a twist to a fashionable daytime style. Just be sure to keep the rest of your look subdued, so you don’t appear over-the-top.

Does shopping for spring trends and colors intimidate you? Book one of my personalized authentic styling services, and let's do it together.

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