What does B.S. Have to do with My Closet?

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Can you believe it is nearing the end of August and in the next few days, you will be turning your calendar page to September, the third quarter of 2019 and the Labor Day holiday?

Schools are back in session with school buses rolling and the Saturday and Sunday football games will be full swing with tail gating smells filling outside the stadiums.

Time for the Seasonal Closet Switch

Here in the U.S, temperatures are still in the high 80’s yet fall temperatures will be here soon with the leaves turning their golden colors and your closet will soon be transitioning from sleeveless to sleeves.

It will be time to add the heavier sweaters, dresses, jackets, scarves, and boots to your fall/winter wardrobe.

As you are reviewing your closet and ready to make the seasonal adjustments; remember your unique beauty comes from within. So, clothing selections should align with your internal structure – your skeletal frame, muscular development and of course, your mindset.

The next step:

Align and adjust your clothing choices to your personality, dressing style, lifestyle and your budget.

The result:

You are looking your best from the inside out!

“Styles which flattered you in your 20s may not work in your 40s, and what works in your 40s may not work in your 60s.” Michaela Jedinak, Personal Stylist

When you try to wear the same sweaters, pants, and jackets you did when you were younger, that style may no longer be the most flattering for your body shape or lifestyle now.

Don’t believe no one will notice.

When making clothing selections, you always want to pay attention to your B.S.

What is B.S.? How does it affect my appearance?

B.S. stands for “Body Shape”

It is so important to identify your current body shape for your BRAND NEW YOU.

The 2 most common questions, my clients ask are:

1. What’s my B.S. (body shape)?

2. How does it affect the clothes I wear?

Your Body shape is based on your height, weight, muscle, skeletal frame, and age. It’s also based on where body fat tends to be stored. And body shape can change as we gain or lose weight, and as unfortunately as we age.

When you align your wardrobe with your body shape, accentuate your gifts versus focusing on your body flaws.

Yes, we all have body flaws, but we all have more gifts than flaws. Flaws are mostly our own perceptions anyway!

Remember, first impressions (positive or negative) start at the head and follows you to your shoes.

Body shapes are divided into 5 common shapes and most women have at least one or a combination of two.

Most women fall in the following 5 common body shapes

· inverted triangle/triangle opposing

· hourglass/X body

· pear/triangle

· rectangle/ banana/ straight

· apple round/spoon/bell

You may or may not recognize these terms, so I will describe them in more detail here.

1. Inverted Triangle/triangle opposing

With the inverted triangle, your shoulders are wider than your hip line, making you look bigger on top than on bottom. You may have little or no waist definition. This is often called the “sporty” or “athletic” look, and this is often the look of models on the runway.

2. Hourglass/X body

With the hourglass shape, there are some subdivisions. You may have “neat” or a “full” hourglass shape.

A “neat” hourglass body shape has an “X” look to it. The body is balanced between hips and shoulders, with a defined waist. The waist will be smaller than the hips, often by 9-12 inches. This body shape will have a defined bust, bottom and hips as well, creating a curvy, feminine shape.

The “full” hourglass is the most feminine shape. Like the “neat” hourglass, there is a balance between hips and shoulders, with a defined waist. In the full hourglass, the bottom and hips are more rounded, and thighs may be larger and skeletal frame is larger.

3. Pear shape/triangle.

Also known as a triangle body shape, the waist and hipline tend to be larger than the waist. Hips will be the widest part of the body. This body shape may have a full bustline as well. The nice thing about this body shape is that weight gain tends to be distributed evenly, so that you don’t lose your shape.

4. Rectangle body shape/straight/banana

Also can be described as a “straight” or “banana” body shape. This type has little waist definition. Hips and shoulders are straight and balanced, but there’s very little curve to the body here. Rectangle body shapes tend to the lean and slender look.

5. Apple body shape/round/spoon/bell

Apple body shapes are also called “round”, “spoon” or “bell” shapes. With the apple body shape, while shoulders and hips tend to be similar in size, the waistline is bigger and the front part of the body carries the weight from under the bust line to the hip line.. Legs and arms will be slimmer, but the effect is rounder, rather than the feminine curvy shape desired by most people.

Body size is not the same as body shape.

Body size relates to the size number on the label. And that label can be very deceiving. You can walk into a store and a size 10 will vary from a typical size 8 at other stores, to a size 12 in different places.

When I work with my clients and go shopping, I will ask them what size they wear usually. They may say, “I’m a size 10,” or “I used to wear a size 10.” But when we start trying on clothing, we’ll find sizes don’t match up with each other, or even in the same brand. A size 10 shirt may not fit the same as another size 10 shirt.

This is so frustrating, and a huge time waster.

Many women will purchase clothing that they don’t try on first, believing that the size is the same for every jacket or pant in the store. But the evidence shows it is not.

Clothing manufacturers style and cut the fabric for the “generic” woman. And few of us are the “generic” woman they style for. Become a smart shopper by knowing your body shape, and don’t try to match what the mannequins are wearing.

Later this month, we’ll talk about how to take your measurements to identify your body shape, so you can shop your shape with ease, joy, efficiency and confidence.

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