"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."  Rachel Zoe



BrandtasticYou is a personal styling service company that offers a variety of styling services to uncover your authentic image statement.  A new style can be life changing and Diane helps her clients through each step of the way.  Make a brilliant first impression every time you meet someone new.

All services start with an initial consultation, which is at no charge to you. We can talk on site if you are local or via a zoom call. The consultation is approximately 45 minutes.  Together, we’ll discuss your style wants, goals, and uncover any hidden wardrobe and budget challenges that may be sabotaging your self-confidence when you enter a room.


You will leave the consultation with at least one solid action step you can use toward meeting your authentic image statement goals and suggest the best and most affordable action plan for you.

If you're an entrepreneurial business professional, services can be a tax deduction. DLMCreations, LLC applies travel fees to clients residing more than 15 miles from Diane’s home office. Payment plans are available.


Eliminate the guessing game at what colors work for you. We’ll determine your best colors through fun and engaging proven in-depth, yet time efficient assessments based on your skin, eye, vein, hair color and favorite colors profile. You will receive a gemstone color palette that neatly fits into your wallet (size of a credit card) so you are always prepared for those spurs of the moment shopping needs.  Bonus: We’ll meet quarterly via a 30-minute zoom call for 12 months to guide you along the way as you transition your seasonal needs and offer advice for any upcoming events.


What you can expect…

  • You look younger, your mood energized, and your face looks refreshed with less noticeable wrinkles.

  • You save time and money when you shop for clothes, make up, ties, scarves, jewelry, handbags, shoes.

  • Your closet is a balanced color coordination of your athletic, casual, business casual, business, and formal attire.


Every person’s body has gifts. A whole new world opens up when you uncover your unique dressing style and body shape. Your confident appearance is noticed by others because your authentic image statement showcases your best self. We’ll uncover your dressing style and body shape through proven fun and engaging in-depth yet time efficient assessments. Bonus:  As you transition your seasonal needs and need advice of the styles for the upcoming season and/ or for any upcoming events, we’ll connect quarterly via a 30-minute zoom call for the next12 months to guide you along the way.  


What you can expect…

  • Easily choose the clothing pieces that flatter your body gifts vs. clothing pieces to hide your body flaws.

  • Clothes fit more comfortably; you become more attractive, as you reflect your unique personality dressing style.

  • Eliminate the guessing game of figuring out what clothing styles to try on and purchase.

  • Wear the clothing pieces you never really thought you could wear or wanted to wear.


Feel inspired, empowered, and informed from head to toe by choosing the color analysis, personality dressing style & body shape services for a full exclusive V.I.P service. Bonus #1: a closet makeover service. The VIP service can be scheduled for a virtual or an on-site half day experience. We’ll uncover your best colors, dressing style and body shape through proven in-depth yet time efficient assessments. Diane’s expertise helps you uncover your total look in a comprehensive, fun, and engaging experience. Bonus: #2: As you transition your seasonal needs and need advice on the colors for the upcoming season and/or for any upcoming events, we’ll connect quarterly via a 30-minute zoom call for the next 12-months to guide you along the way.

What you can expect…

  • Scan a clothing piece either on a hanger or on a table and immediately determine if it should be taken into the fitting room.

  • Create a lifelong understanding of how to use style to add to your personal authentic image statement.


This service is most effective and time efficient after choosing any of the other services because you already have a great baseline for your authentic image statement. Let’s revamp your closet using the items you already own. We’ll create a fun and engaging strategic plan to sort the items that best serves your image statement already in your closet, the items that could use a revival coordination and the items you can donate (a tax write-off).


What you can expect…  

  • Your closet becomes an effective haven to feel fabulous and confident when you open your closet doors any time of day.

  • Discover great outfits you didn't even realize were hanging in your closet.

  • Love the positive energy your closet radiates every day. 

  • Dress your best self in 5 minutes or less.


This service is most effective and time efficient after choosing any of the other services because you already have a great baseline toward your authentic image statement.

Diane sets the appointments at the appropriate stores, arranges a private fitting room and chooses items that fit your style, lifestyle and finances. You may even bring along a few key clothing items from your own wardrobe so that you can mix and match with new pieces. Diane offers advantages and disadvantages of certain seasonal fabrics. Please note that Diane does not accept commissions from stores. All purchases are completely up to you and pressure-free.


What you can expect…

  • Avoid the time and money purchases that do not align with your authentic image statement.

  • Eliminate the overwhelm and exhausting unorganized shopping experiences.

  • Purchase what you like, that fits well and within your budget.


Find the perfect outfit for your next big event to truly align with your age, shape and finances. Whether you are searching for your great authentic image statement for a small private event, holiday function or corporate event, we’ll discuss the specifics of your event and create a vision through a proven in-depth time efficient assessment. Your ideal collection can include the outfit, shoes, accessories, and jacket if needed.


What you can expect…

  • Look and feel fantastic without any pre-hassles and guess work when solving the puzzle of what a top-notch ensemble looks and feels like.

  • Save time, money and gas as your guided expert does all the leg work for you.

  • Eliminate the pressure shopping from store to store in search of perfect and outstanding look.


Would you like to share tips, tricks, and fashion trends with your customers from the expertise of a successful personal image consultant? Diane’s Styling Seasonal Events are hosted at stores and boutiques to increase client education, loyalty and purchases. The styling seasonal events help businesses attract new and existing clients in a fun and interactive experience. Diane utilizes items from the store to create a variety of timeless and fashionable trend outfits which can be purchased during the event. Your customers enjoy an experience of shopping, one-on-one styling advice, and leave the event feeling confident and excited with their new purchases, destined to be a frequent shopper in the future.


Group authentic image statement styling workshops are fun, informative and interactive If you are searching for a team building exercise, a girlfriends’ fun event or a retreat experience, Diane’s group image statement workshops are the solutions. We’ll discuss the event goals, the number of attendees, and details to make this a lasting successful experience for you and your attendees. They can bring an item of clothing they’re struggling with and get an expert opinion on how to make it work for them! Topics may include any of the authentic image statement services or Diane will be happy to customize an event for your needs. Travel fees are applied if the event is further than 15 miles from Diane’s home office. Pricing is based on group size, type of service selected, and length of the event.


Invite Diane to speak for your business, organization or conference. Exciting, fun and inspirational is what you see and hear when you book Diane to speak at your next event.

Diane is the best choice when it comes to giving styling advice and guidance to professionals, so they bring more value to your company, organization or association. When they leave any talk, they will receive valuable tips and tricks that they can immediately use.


Diane is the creator of BrandtasticYou and the author of Build Your Confidence through Wardrobe, Color & Style. With her customized keynotes, breakouts, and online training programs, she opens your participants’ minds and closes the gaps between low  personal image impact and how it affects customer performance.

Diane B. Morris

160 Susan Lane

Fayetteville, GA 30215

Office: 678.389.1016

Image by Santy Sun
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