E. Risker

Thank you, thank you! I definitely got a boost in the right direction from your seminar and, I am so happy I followed up with a personal session! I feel you went above and beyond. There was a wealth of information you shared, yet it was in digestible ’bites’. I was able to get clear on a direction for my closet, and you assisted me in immediate actionable goals. Every step of the way was without judgment or criticism! This is the key to transformation, in my humble opinion!
You are the catalytic energy that jumpstarted my eventual transformation 🤩!
Thanks again!

Dr. Elizabeth Roz

I LOVED working with Diane! She gave me excellent tips and ways to think about how my appearance impacts my success. She is a delight and you'll love the time you spend together. I'm grateful for you Diane!!

J. Bass

When I met Diane, she was giving a presentation on sugar to a small networking group. She demonstrated how much sugar is a soda bottle by putting the same amount of sugar into an empty water bottle, and then added a little water to show how the sugar hardens and sticks to the bottle. While I haven't had a soda in over 20 years, I was blown away and interested in learning more... so I hired Diane for a 4-week program where for 1-hour per week, I was schooled on the Nutrition 101. I learned more in those 4 hours than I did in all the years of health class. I would say that you should hire Diane and get familiar with what you should be putting in your body.

Jeff Bartholomew

I have been working with Diane Morris for 2 months in her BrandtasticYou program and have been very impressed with the changes I’ve seen in myself. I have a heightened awareness of myself and those around me and it has improved my ability to relate with others. My productivity has improved and I landed two new clients since we started working together. The color analysis she does is excellent and it has changed the way I think about my appearance, and how others perceive me. I know now that the colors I choose to wear affects how others see me, how they judge me and at some level, whether they do business with me. I am grateful for Diane’s guidance and support of my career.

Joyce Beverly

Diane has not only improved the contents of my closet, she really set me free to explore new looks with confidence. I reached out to her prior to an important event and asked for a color consultation. As a result, now I have a palette of colors in my wallet that I refer to when buying clothes, makeup, even accessories for my home. (I am even using it to shop for a new car.)
Diane taught me that when I wear stylish clothes people see my outfit but when I wear the right colors they see me. It is so true! Since putting her recommendations into practice, I have had numerous people say to me "you look fantastic." It's hard not to love that.
If you want to gain confidence in your style, color is the first step. I highly recommend Diane's wardrobe color consultation.

K. Harmsen

Diane profoundly changed the way I thought about how stress impacts health. I realized stress can cause serious dysfunction in many areas of my body and cause chronic health issues.
Through our sessions, she explained there are four stress categories to help relieve stress. I learned which categories in my life I am ready to make changes and the categories which I am doing well in.
Diane is an excellent teacher with great communication skills, patience and listens well. She’s flexible in schedule changes. The greatest gift was tracking my emotions and helping me have more faith in myself. She has been a wonderful mentor. I signed up for her upcoming next program this week.